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When the geriatric ward in a small Yorkshire hospital is threatened with closure, it fights back by galvanizing the local community. The hospital invites a news crew to film the preparations for a concert honouring its most distinguished nurse Sister Gilpin (Jennifer Saunders). This comedy drama celebrates the spirit of the elderly patients whilst paying tribute to the deep humanity of the medical staff battling with limited resources and ever-growing demand. This is a warm, humerous & moving story about surviving old age, perfectly performed by an all- star cast. With David Bradley, Julia McKenzie, Derek Jacobi & Judi Dench. (99 mins)
Jake Sully and Ney'tiri have formed a family and are doing everything to stay together. However, they must leave their home and explore alternative regions. When an ancient threat resurfaces, Jake must fight a difficult war against the humans. James Cameron returns to the world of Pandora in this emotionally packed action adventure. Set more than a decade after events of the first film, this vast breath-taking instalment, with it’s stunning CGI visual effects, launches the story of the Sully family and introduces audiences to the majestic ocean tulkun. Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet & Sigourney Weaver. (183 mins)

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 original film follows our four best friends Diane (Diane Keaton), Vivian (Jane Fonda), Carol (Mary Steenburgen) and Sharon (Candice Bergen) as they take their book club to Italy for the fun girls trip they never had. When things go off the rails and secrets are revealed, their relaxing vacation turns into a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country adventure. This is a feel good, fun outing with a winning cast that includes Don Johnson, Andy Garcia and Richard Dreyfuss. (107 mins)

Based on real events, this is the story of an unassuming British businessman Greville Wynne (Benedict Cumberbatch) unwittingly recruited into one of the greatest international conflicts in history. At the behest of the UK's MI-6 and a CIA operative, he forms a covert, dangerous partnership with ​Soviet officer Oleg Penkovsky in an effort to provide crucial intelligence needed to prevent a nuclear confrontation and defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis. Intriguing, gripping, heartfelt and thoroughly absorbing, this is much more than a history lesson. (112 mins)
Sleuth Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) plans a spectacular Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer but the trip turns into a search for a murderer after a glamorous couple’s honeymoon is cut tragically short. Set against a sweeping landscape of pyramids and desert vistas, with an ensemble cast. Agatha Christie’s beloved mystery novel is a tale of unbridled passion and jealousy, filled with wicked twists and turns that will have you guessing until the finale. With Annette Bening, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Gal Gadot & Tom Bateman. (127 mins)


In a Welsh mining village, bartender Jan (Toni Collette) recruits her reluctant husband and local accountant to help her bring together a syndicate of villagers to breed a foal, which they name Dream Alliance. On the racetrack, he proves himself to be more than a match for the multi-million-pound race horses he comes up against – a true working-class champion who begins to alter the lives of everyone in the syndicate. Based on a true story, this is a classic, feelgood story of triumph against adversity. With Damian Lewis, Owen Teale, Katherine Jenkins, Lynda Baron, Sian Phillips & Derek Jacobi. (113 mins)
In 1961, taxi driver Kempton Bunton stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London - the only theft in the Gallery’s history. Kempton sent ransom notes saying it would be returned on condition that the government invested more in care for the elderly. What happened next became the stuff of legend. Only 50 years later did the full story emerge - Kempton had spun a web of lies. The only truth was that he was a good man, determined to change the world and save his marriage. A wonderfully uplifting, improbable but true story, with impeccable performances from Jim Broadbent & Helen Mirren. (95 mins)

ELVIS (12)
This critically acclaimed biopic explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The story delves into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker spanning over 20 years, from Presley's rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America. Central to that journey is one of the most significant and influential people in Elvis's life, Priscilla Presley. (159 mins)

Young Sammy Fabelman falls in love with movies after his parents take him to see "The Greatest Show on Earth." Armed with a camera, Sammy starts to make his own films at home, much to the delight of his supportive mother. Inspired by director Steven Spielberg’s own childhood, rediscover the magic of movies in this coming-of-age story about a young man uncovering a shattering family secret and the power of film and imagination to help us see the truth about ourselves and each other. With Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen & Judd Hirsch, this is a timeless tale of heartbreak, healing, and hope for the dreamer inside all of us. (144 mins)

The sequel to the 2019 hit comedy charts the next instalment of the Fisherman's Friends amazing and uplifting true story. Following the unexpected success of their debut album, Cornwall’s oldest ‘buoy band’ are struggling to navigate the pressures, pitfalls and temptations of their newfound fame. James Purefoy, Dave Johns and Sam Swainsbury return as the celebrated shanty singers, negotiating the highs and lows, as lifelong friendships are put to the test and they battle the dreaded ‘curse of the second album’. The beautiful Cornwall scenery provides the backdrop to this feel good, musical tale. (111 mins) 

Career con artist Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen) can hardly believe his luck when he meets recently widowed Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren) online who is worth millions. He means to take it all but, as Betty opens her life and home to him, Roy is surprised to find himself caring about her, turning what should be a cut-and-dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk of his life. Mirren and McKellen are on top form as they star together on screen for the first time in this fascinating, suspenseful and very enjoyable drama about the secrets people keep and the lies they live. A first rate supporting cast includes Russell Tovey, Lily Dodsworth-Evans and Jim Carter. (109 mins)
This spectacular and original musical celebrates the birth of show business, telling the story of visionary impresario, P.T. Barnum who rose from nothing to create a mesmerising spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. Step right up and into the spellbinding imagination of a man who set out to reveal that life itself can be the most thrilling show of all. Hugh Jackman, who devoted years to bring the film to the screen, is dazzling in the central role while Michael Gracey’s expert direction showcases original songs by Academy Award winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul ('La La Land'). Fasten your seatbelts for the ultimate crowd pleaser. (105 mins) 

Petty criminal
Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) has the plans for the ultimate heist - a four million dollar bullion robbery from an armoured car in Turin. Receiving backing from an old prison enemy (Noel Coward), Charlie goes about organising a motley group of thieves to pull off the plan. One of the greatest Brit-flick crime caper comedies of all time, this is pure fun all the way. Who can forget the three Mini Coopers that run rings round every other vehicle in an immortal car-chase sequence? Unashamedly patriotic, the film sums up the joi de vivre of the swinging 1960s perfectly and the action and stunning photography can now be fully appreciated on the Big Screen. (96 mins)

The incredible true story of Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a German soldier and prisoner of war who, against a backdrop of British post-war protest and prejudice, secures the position of Goalkeeper at Manchester City, and in doing so becomes a footballing icon. Struggling for acceptance by those who dismiss him as the enemy, Bert’s love for Margaret (Freya Mavor) carries him through and he wins over even his harshest opponents by winning the 1956 FA Cup Final, playing on with a broken neck to secure victory. But fate will soon twist the knife for Bert and Margaret, when their love and loyalty to each other is put to the ultimate test. This is a charming, heartfelt and thoroughly enthralling account of a remarkable man. (120 mins)

This sparkling tribute to mystery mastermind Agatha Christie is a fun, modern-day murder mystery where everyone is a suspect. When a renowned crime novelist Harlan (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan's dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan's untimely death. With an all-star ensemble cast, including Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon & Toni Collette, this is a witty and stylish whodunnit guaranteed to keep audiences guessing. (130 mins)


In 2012, having been lost for over 500 years, the remains of King Richard III were discovered beneath a carpark in Leicester. The search had been orchestrated by an amateur historian, Philippa Langley, whose unrelenting research had been met with incomprehension by her friends and family and with scepticism by experts and academics. This is the life-affirming true story of a woman who refused to be ignored and who took on the country's most eminent historians, forcing them to think again about one of the most controversial kings in England's history. Starring Sally Hawkins & Steve Coogan. (108 mins)

Determined to fulfil her late mother’s dream of opening a bakery in charming Notting Hill, Clarissa enlists the help of her mother's best friend and her eccentric estranged grandmother. Three generations of women will need to overcome grief, doubts and differences to honour the memory of their beloved Sarah while embarking on a journey to establish a London bakery filled with love, hope and colourful pastries from all over the world. This charming tale is the perfect antidote to all the current doom and gloom. Starring Celia Imrie, Candice Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones & Bill Paterson. (98 mins)
Based on the comical and moving New York Times bestseller, this is the story of Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a grumpy, fastidious widower who is set in his ways with contempt for everyone. His only joy comes from criticizing and judging his exasperated neighbours. When a lively young family moves in next door, he meets his match in quick-witted and very pregnant Marisol, leading to an unlikely friendship that will turn his world upside-down. With a first- class performance from Hanks, this funny, heartwarming story about how some families come from the most unexpected places packs an emotional punch with it’s winning mixture of drama and humour. (126 mins) 


Adapted from the Paul Gallico novel, this is a humorously heartwarming tale about a 1950’s London cleaner Ada Harris (Lesley Manville) who thinks her lonely life might turn around if she can become the owner of a Christian Dior gown. Saying goodbye to her friends won't be easy and neither will be winning over elite people in Paris from Madame Colbert to idealistic accountant André. However, Ada's irrepressible charm could end up saving the whole House of Dior in this uplifting story of how an ordinary woman becomes an extraordinary inspiration by daring to follow her dreams. (115 mins)
This perennial favourite, one of the defining films of the 80’s, returns to the big screen in a new HD print. Richard Gere is the wayward US Navy recruit Zack Mayo, who begins a 13-week basic training course which will qualify him to attend flight school. He immediately comes into conflict with the tough, no-nonsense Sergeant Foley (Louis Gossett Jr) but the recruit refuses to be broken and finds solace in his developing relationship with local factory girl Paula (Debra Winger). Winning Oscars for Best Supporting Actor (Gossett Jr) and Best Original Song ('Up Where We Belong), this is ideal entertainment for any audience. (124 mins)

This is the gripping true story of Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), a British intelligence specialist who handles classified information. In the lead up to the Iraq war, Gun receives a memo from the NSA: the United States is enlisting Britain’s help in collecting compromising information on United Nations Security Council members in order to blackmail them into voting in favor of an invasion of Iraq. Faced with the prospect of an illegal war, Gun leaks the memo to the press. The ensuing chain of events will ignite an international firestorm, expose a vast political conspiracy & endanger Gun and her family. Knightley is compelling in an outstanding cast that includes Matt Smith, Matthew Goode, Ralph Fiennes, Tamsin Greig & Kenneth Cranham. (112 mins)
It’s 1943. The Allies are determined to break Hitler’s grip on occupied Europe, and plan to launch an all-out assault on Sicily; but they face an impossible challenge - how to protect the invasion force from potential annihilation. Two  intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley (Matthew Macfadyen) formulate the most inspired and improbable disinformation strategy of the war - centred on the most unlikely of secret agents: a dead man. This extraordinary, gripping and true story also stars Penelope Wilton & Kelly Macdonald & Jason Isaacs. (128 mins)

The remarkable true story of Maurice Flitcroft, a crane operator and optimistic dreamer from Barrow-in-Furness who, with the support of his family and friends, managed to gain entry to the 1976 British Open qualifying, despite never playing a round of golf before. With pluckiness and unwavering self-belief, he pulls off a series of stunning, hilarious and heartwarming attempts to compete at the highest level, drawing the ire of the golfing elite but becoming a British folk hero in the process. This upbeat comedy-drama stars Mark Rylance, Sally Hawkins & Rhys Ifans. (106 mins)

PLANE (15)

In this white-knuckle action thriller, pilot Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) saves his passengers from a lightning strike by making a risky landing on a war-torn island -only to find that surviving the landing was just the beginning. When most of the passengers are taken hostage by dangerous rebels, the only person Torrance can count on for help is Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), an accused murderer who was being transported by the FBI. In order to rescue the passengers, Torrance will need Gaspare’s help and will learn there’s more to Gaspare than meets the eye. (104 mins)


Inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, who performed more than 100,000 exorcisms in his lifetime. In 1987 a recently widowed American mother inherits a dilapidated country estate in Spain. When her youngest son is apparently possessed by a demon, the excentric Amorth (Russel Crowe) is sent to investigate and teams up with a younger local priest to exorcise the demon. In the terrifying events that unfold, Amorth uncovers a centuries-old conspiracy that the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden. With Alex Essoe & Franco Nero, this is ideal for Halloween(103 mins)

John Wayne stars in this classic 1952 romantic drama
directed by John Ford. Irish-American boxer Sean Thornton returns to Ireland to reclaim his family's farm in Inisfree. But when love intervenes he is forced to fight again to win the heart and hand of local girl Mary (Maureen O'Hara). A poetic & deeply felt sentiment for Ireland’s past, it’s traditions and sense of community. This evergreen classic has now been restored in HD to highlight it’s astonishing Oscar winning Technicolour cinematography. A film guaranteed to please any audience.(126 mins)

From the 1870s to the modern era, this is a journey through Marie Curie’s (Rosamund Pike) enduring legacies – her passionate relationships, scientific breakthroughs and the consequences that followed. After meeting & marrying fellow scientist Pierre Curie (Sam Riley), the pair change the face of science forever by their discovery of radioactivity. The genius of the Curie's discoveries and the ensuing Nobel Prize propels the couple into the international limelight. Pike gives a sensitive performance in a film that conveys the transformative effects and ensuing fallout of the Curie’s work and how this shaped the 20th Century. (110 mins)

A Welsh hairdresser (Samantha Morton) starts a campaign in the 90’s to save her small town's listed art decco cinema from being demolished. With the help of a local politician, a phone call later and one of Hollywood’s elite agree to offer a very special treat for Carmarthen, but does this help save the cinema? Inspired by the true story of Liz Evans, a hairdresser and linchpin to the local Carmarthen community, and in the mould of the old Ealing comedies, this is a fun, uplifting underdog tale that stands as a testament to how passionate people can achieve inspirational success. With Jonathan Pryce. (120 mins)

Banker Andy Dufrense (Tim Robbins) is wrongfully sentenced to prison for the murders of his wife and her lover. He spends the next 19 years of his life enduring the hardships of prison life and developing a friendship with another inmate, Red (Morgan Freeman) but Andy has a plan that unfolds with startling results. Adapted from a Stephen King story, the film is a powerful and moving drama about hope, emotion and friendship. With outstanding performances, stirring music and beautiful cinematography, the film is constantly cited as one of the top 10 of all time and, on the Big Screen, it can be fully appreciated. (142 mins)


Rodgers & Hammersteins Oscar winning 1958 evergreen musical masterpiece with Mitzi Gaynor & Rossano Brazzi finding love on a US army base in the South Pacific during WW2. Timeless songs - including 'Bali Hai', 'There is nothing like a dame', 'Some Enchanted Evening' -  beautifully filmed in a stunning newly restored print. (150 mins)

Hollywood superstars George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite as the divorced couple, who find themselves racing to the idyllic island of Bali on a shared mission to stop their lovestruck daughter from marrying a farmer and making the same mistake they once made. However, as they desperately try to
sabotage the wedding, the bickering duo start to rekindle old feelings that once made them happy together. This escapist, feel good tale boasts likeable performances from the stars, coupled with breathtaking photography to produce an entertaining, old fashioned romantic comedy. (117 mins)

The story of the tribulations behind best-selling children's novelist Roald Dahl's (Hugh Bonneville) marriage to Academy Award winning actress Patricia Neal (Keeley Hawes). The somewhat unlikely pair - an in-demand Hollywood actress and a burgeoning children's author find their relationship put to the test and ultimately strengthened by tragic events. Set between New York, England and Los Angeles in the early 60s, it tells the tale of Dahl's struggles while writing some of his most famous works and Neal's return to acting. With Rebecca Feguson and Geoffrey Palmer. (110 mins)
After more than 30 years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is where he belongs - a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. Training a detachment of graduates for a special assignment, Maverick must confront the ghosts of his past and his deepest fears. Tom Cruise returns in this belated sequel that surpasses the original. Nail biting, spectacular and emotionally satisfying, this is crowd pleasing entertainment for everyone. With Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon hamm, Ed Harris & Val Kilmer.  (131 mins)

A seemingly unremarkable man in his 60s, Harold (Jim Broadbent) lives a life without purpose. One day he learns his old friend Queenie is dying. He embarks on a walk to mail a letter, only to keep going for 450 miles until he reaches Queenie's hospice, convinced that his journey can keep her alive, much to the despair of his wife Maureen (Penelope Wilton). Based on the best selling book, this is a celebration of everyday joy and human connection and the power of hope and faith, with powerful performances from Broadbent and Wilton. (103 mins)


Jack Malik was just another struggling songwriter...but that was yesterday. After a mysterious blackout, Jack (Himesh Patel) discovers he is the only person on earth who remembers The Beatles! As he rockets to fame by passing off the Fab Four's songs as his own, Jack risks losing Ellie (Lily James) - the one person who has loved him and believed in him from the start. Before the door to his old life closes forever, Jack must decide if all he needs is love, after all. Kate McKinnon and Ed Sheeran also star in this crowd pleasing, critically acclaimed romantic musical comedy from Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle ('Slumdog Millionaire') and screenwriter Richard Curtis ('Love Actually'). (116 mins)

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