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The Mobile Cinema has access to a vast library of film entertainment that encompasses the full cinematic spectrum.

All tastes are catered for, from art house and independent cinema to vintage classics, children's films and mainstream blockbusters.
We can handle film licencing, dealing directly with distributors to secure the screening licence for your show.

For public performances, your venue requires a community premises licence from your local council with the box for film and video endorsed 
Check with your local council Licensing officer for further details

Film Library


We aim to keep you up to date with popular current and forthcoming films

Simply click the appropriate film genre link below for details. 

Where films fall into more than one genre we have aimed to reflect this as well as providing a brief synopsis, running time and censor certification.

We rely on distributors for release dates, so contact us for confirmation

Searching for a specific film? contact us for availability

For comprehensive details on any film see The Internet Movie Database

alternative entertainment

Alternative Content

In addition to films, digital projection facilitates the screening of alternative content.
Audiences can enjoy everything from HD recordings of popular West End stage shows and music concerts to the latest television productions

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